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Accreditation for Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) 

APEL is a systematic process that involves the identification, documentation and assessment of prior experiential learning to determine the extent to which you have achieved the desired learning outcomes for access to a programme of study or for award of academic credits.

Get to know APEL (A) and (C) processes at CCE UNIRAZAK and choose the best plan for you.

Download your APEL (A) Application and Portfolio forms below and email to us at


APEL (A) enables access or admission to your programme of choice through
assessment of your prior experiential learning with portfolio and aptitude test
as the key instrument to evaluate your eligibility for enrolment at UNIRAZAK

Are you APEL (A) Material?

• Malaysian citizen
• Minimum age requirements with relevant work experience
Diploma – 20 years old
Degree   – 21 years old
Master   – 30 years old *with STPM/Diploma/A-Level/equivalent
NOTE: Any qualifications with non MQA-accredited diploma with the duration of more than 2 years or 90 credit hours is acceptable
• Pass the APEL (A) core assessments: aptitude test and portfolio 

APEL (A) Advantages

• Provides an alternative entry to further your studies through      significant consideration of work experiences than academic  qualifications
• Reduces redundant learning
• Shortens time to complete studies
• Helps boost long-term career objectives
• Facilitates change in your career trajectory  



APEL (C) awards academic credits for your prior experiential learning through
assessment of cumulative knowledge and skills gained from informal and non-formal
means with portfolio or challenge test as the key instrument against specified
learning outcomes for any course exemptions in the programme enrolled at UNIRAZAK

Are you APEL (C) Material?

• Malaysian or non-Malaysian citizen
• No minimum age requirements with accumulated knowledge in relevant courses or programmes
• Pass the APEL (C) core assessments: challenge test or portfolio
NOTE: Credit transfer is allowed at a maximum of 30 percent from total credit hours 

APEL (C) Advantages

• Acknowledges learning acquired through work experiences and courses or programmes attended
• Cost-efficient
• Shortens time to complete studies
• Reduces redundant learning
• Encourages lifelong learning 


APEL C Programme List


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